Argentina has taken my heart by storm

Argentina has always held some kind of fascination for me. For many years I was drawn to the big boulevards of Buenos Aires, the endless expanse and majestic mountains of Southern Patagonia and of course the epic history. I knew that someday I would travel to Argentina.

By mid January 2015, the last stop of an unforgettable three-week cruise in South America and the Antarctic took me to Buenos Aires. Surely there was also a little queasy feeling in me: alone, as a woman in this big metrolpolis, is that smart? After I dared to leave the safety of my four walls in the beautiful B&B in Palermo Holywood and even used the subway (called Subte), I realized that no one cared about me and that calmed me down a lot. I was ready to give in to the discovery.

In four days I visited the well-known ‘tourist hot spots’ like Cementerio La Recoleta, Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo as well as San Telmo and of course the Museo Evita. But I quickly realized that this will not have been the last time in this stunning city. No, I was already making plans for the near future. I really wanted to freshen up my very rusty Spanish skills in Buenos Aires and once and for all learn the language. After all, hardly anyone spoke English in Buenos Aires! And so it happened that a good year and a half later, I put my plans into action.

Within a month after the decision was made, I was already on my way to Buenos Aires. Loaded with travel books and maps and clothing for almost three seasons and especially with an open and adventurous spirit, I boarded the plane on September 26, 2016. I was ready for a new adventure!

At the airport in Buenos Aires I was picked up by Susi and Mario, the in-laws of my hostess. For the five-week stay in the metropolis, I rented an apartment through AirBnB. The reception was just great. Without knowing me, both Susi and Mario hugged me tight and instantly conveyed the feeling of ‘arriving home’. It should turn out that during my trip – and still today – many people immediately opened their big hearts to me. Something that has overwhelmed me over and over again.

I was in Buenos Aires barely a week when Susi and Mario invited me to their home for ‘pizza casera’ (homemade pizza). Meanwhile, their home has become my home, and I have already spent countless enjoyable evenings in their midst. They have become my family and so I spent Christmas 2017 with them, their children, grandchildren and extended family members.

It is precisely this openness, the sharing and the immense hospitality that I have never experienced on any of my other trips. My heart was taken by storm. Add the breathtaking landscapes and of course the excellent gastronomy to that and you’ll know that these are the reasons why I will come to Argentina again and again. I found my self here, a gift that changed my life.

I could write of so many more great and unforgettable encounters, but that would be beyond the scope. And since pictures are known to say more than a thousand words, I simply let my visual impressions speak for themselves. All photos have been taken during my travels (September 2016 to January 2017. June / July 2017 and December 2017 to January 2018).

I very much would like to share my love and passion for this incredibly beautiful country and their people by running a retreat there one day. Who knows, dreams can come true!