Magical Bali

As a 20-year old I already dreamt of a trip to Bali and in 2010 it was finally time to go. This trip was also my first yoga retreat I attended. Never would I have thought that seven years later I would be doing a yoga teacher training, opening my own yoga studio and offering retreats myself!

But back to Bali, because this island has so much magic that it can hardly be put into words. You simply have to experience it. When I traveled to Bali in March 2010, the reason was not because I finally wanted to go there after such a long time of dreaming about it, but I really needed a time out for myself. My mother got cancer eight months earlier and my life, as I knew it, was over. But Bali has picked me up and given me the necessary strength to master all the bad things that have come afterwards and helped me never to lose myself. Bali showed me its magic.

The first two trips – I returned in June 2011 – were mostly marked by the yoga retreat and the peace-finding. However, as I wanted to see more of Bali, I came back in the spring of 2014 for another yoga retreat and got to know the island better. There are so many hidden treasures to be visited as well as the kind people and the immense spirituality. This spirutuality is what fascinates me about Bali so much that I will always go back. And so it is that I chose Bali for the second part of my yoga teacher training (300 hours). During four intense weeks in July 2018, I deepened and expanded my knowledge of yoga.

Bali is well-known for yoga, especially Ubud, where I have alsways traveled to and where the training took place. One day, I hope to take you to Bali and offer you the undescribable beauty and spirituality of this heaven. Until then, dive in and let yourself be enchanted by my photos.