India: A test for all senses

One definitely has to travel to India one day. Through my sponsorship of Tibetan children *, who are living in Dharamsala, it was obvious that I would visit them once. It has always been very important to me not only to transfer money, but to have a relationship with these children. So I decided to combine a yoga retreat in Kerala (South India) with a visit to Dharamsala.

India is everything and much more, but above all, everything is over-dimensional: Noise, colours, chaos, many people, dirty, heat, poverty. With India, it’s such a ‘love hate’ thing for me. I loved the contrasts, the unknown, the colors and at the same time hated the noise, the chaos and, above all, the undescribable poverty. You have to take India as it comes, it simply goes at its own pace.

In addition to Dharamsala, which is very Tibetan, and Kerala, I did a private road trip with a driver from Jaipur, via Agra to Delhi. Especially in Jaipur, the palaces and colors of the markets have mesmerized me. Also Fatehpur Sikri – on the way to Agra – and of course Agra are ‘must-see’ places. For hours I went on photo expeditions. A few impressions you can see here.

Even though India is not at the top of my travel list, I know that some day I want to return. There is so much more to discover. And who knows, maybe one day this will even turn into a yoga retreat in Goa or Kerala.

* After my trip to Tibet in 2005, I took on a first sponsorship. Over the years I have supported up to five children at the Tibetan Chilrden’s Village in Dharamsala. In the meantime, four of the children have left school: two have moved to Europe with their families, one has reunited with his family in Tibet, and the other one has started a job as a Tibetan teacher to young monks in an Indian monastery (I am in regular contact with him on Instagram). And the last of ‘my children’ is studying law and will become an attorney in a few years. I keep on supporting him financially. I’m also in regular contact with him. This commitment is a matter of the heart – giving back some of being so fortunate – and I am very proud of all ‘my children’. For the future, I wish them all the best, and that they can realize their dreams.